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Chris Broussard is sorry.

Earlier this week, the ESPN reporter pressed send on this tweet, indicating that Mark Cuban was driving around in Houston like a desperate man trying to locate DeAndre Jordan's house:

That led to this back-and-forth between Broussard and Cuban—who contested his report—yesterday:

It got pretty wild. So after giving it some thought—and, we're guessing, receiving an earful from his ESPN editors—Broussard decided to apologize for his hasty reporting this afternoon. He just sent out this statement a short time ago:

End of story , right? Uh, no. Because many people on the Internet hate Broussard with a passion and because Broussard has now acknowledged his wrongdoing with regards to his Cuban report, his mentions are ON FIRE at the moment with plenty of people calling him out for being a shoddy reporter. Scroll down to see the reaction he's dealing with on the social media site. Guess this is what you get for not doing your job, eh?