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Last night, the first-ever NBA Players Choice Awards aired on BET. The biggest thing to take place during the show was James Harden taking home the Players Choice MVP award, even though he didn't win the actual NBA MVP award this past season.

But another special moment took place when Allen Iverson took the stage to accept the Game Changer Award. During his acceptance speech, he thanked everyone from Michael Jordan to his wife Tawanna, while also imparting a few words of wisdom on those in attendance and at home.

"This world is a world title fight," he said. "Some rounds—the rounds are days—some days you gonna get knocked down. Some rounds gonna be good, some gonna be bad. But the only thing that matters is getting back up and fighting again."

OK, OK, so maybe it wasn't exactly the most original acceptance speech of all time. But watch it anyway. It's nice to see AI making headlines for something positive for a change.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]