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Who is the real MVP? Steph Curry? James Harden? Riley Curry?

Ha. OK, OK, so Riley isn't getting any actual votes for the NBA MVP. She may be the MVP in our eyes, but she's out of the running. So it's down to Steph Curry and James Harden. And since Curry won the NBA MVP award this past season, he's the real MVP, right?

That's what we thought. But tonight, The Players Choice Awards are set to air on BET. And during the show, Harden is reportedly going to win the Players Choice MVP award, which was voted on by his fellow players:

This is interesting because it means that, while the media gave Curry the award, NBA players gave Harden the award. So again, we ask: Who is the real MVP? We don't even know anymore!

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[via Black Sports Online]