A long time ago, Kevin Durant said that Lil B was wack and couldn't believe the rapper was relevant. It looks like those words may have actually come back to haunt KD. You see, most people may say that the Miami Heat just outplayed the Oklahoma City Thunder to win the title, but is it that crazy to believe that the Based God played a role in the final outcome of the NBA Finals? After all, on May 25th, Lil B applied the "Based God's Curse" on Durant and guaranteed that the Thunder and their star forward would never won a title (check out the third pic).

Now that the Heat are officially the 2012 NBA Champions, Lil B has decided to lift the aforementioned curse on KD (peep the fourth pic) and his teammates because "you can't win hating." So, next season, if the Thunder do hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy, we think that a "Thank You Based God" is in order. #justsaying      

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[via Boxden]