A couple days after the Patriots won the Super Bowl back in February, a girl named Sabrina decided to post a photo of her in bed with New England wide receiver Julian Edelman on Tinder. On top of the photo, she included the words, "Just fucked Edelman no lie." And now, another pro athlete has gotten caught in the same compromising position.

Late last night, Instagram user @gvngstvxboo posted a photo of her and James Harden. But it wasn't a photo of the two standing inside the Toyota Center after a Rockets game. It also wasn't a photo of the two chilling at the club. It was a photo of the two sleeping together.

No one seems to know who this woman is. But she has a bunch of photos of herself on IG, including this one of her and Amber Rose from almost two years ago:

She hasn't posted much recently, but here's a shot she put up a couple days ago:

As you'd expect, Twitter is going in on Harden right now as a result of the photo. Specifically, there are a lot of people saying, "See? The Based God's Curse IS real," especially in light of what Harden said about Lil B last night. Scroll down to see the reactions. Doesn't this just feel wrong?