Lil B spent the entire Western Conference Finals antagonizing Rockets star James Harden. He threatened to put the Based God's Curse on him. He sent out a series of tweets about him. And he even showed up at the final game of the Warriors/Rockets series to try and get at Harden in person. He wasn't happy with Harden for "stealing" his cooking dance this season—and he let him know about it time and time again.

Harden didn't respond to Lil B, though. And while we assumed that it was because he was too busy, you know, playing basketball, it turns out that he didn't really follow everything that Lil B said about him. In fact, he claims that he doesn't even have any idea who Lil B is.

"I don't know who that is," he said last night when TMZ Sports approached him and asked him about Lil B.

Unfortunately, the TMZ Sports cameraman was apparently too stumped by that answer to press him further on the topic. But for now, it sounds like this is how Harden is going to go about responding to Lil B. Lil B hasn't responded to him yet. But we'd expect him to any minute now.


Lil B has responded:


Kreayshawn just uncovered a tweet from back in 2011 that seems to prove that Harden does know who Lil B is:

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[via TMZ Sports]