Brandon Jennings currently has two sons by two different women—and those two women have had their fair share of problems in the past. He's also preparing to have a third child with his current girlfriend Tae Heckard, and he thinks that child is going to be a son, too. So when TMZ Sports caught up with him recently, they asked him if he thinks he's ever going to have a daughter. And he provided a pretty strange answer, especially when you consider the baby mama drama he's endured in the past.

"Uh, we'll see," he said. "If my next baby mama's with it."

Your next baby mama? We think Jennings was joking. At least, we hope he was joking. But isn't that just a weird thing for him to say given his history? You don't want to end up on this list, do you, man?

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[via TMZ Sports]