Big Poppas: The Athletes With the Most Children by the Most Women

Which of your favorite ballers have fathered the most children by the most women? Find out here.


This Sunday many dads will be celebrating Father's Day with their families, but some pops can't be in two, three, four, five...well, a whole lot of places at once. Having illegitimate kids with multiple women can bring a slew of problems like mounting child support payments, baby mama drama, and, of course, remembering all those rugrats names! Word to Mr. Cromartie. Perhaps no one knows these things better than professional athletes.

From Antonio Cromartie to Evander Holyfield to Shawn Kemp, ballers have been known to take their raw style to an entirely different playing field. Here are the Big Poppas: The Athletes with the Most Children By the Most Women...

Chad Johnson

Royce White

Larry Johnson

Scott Skiles

Marshall Faulk

Oscar De La Hoya

Ray Lewis

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No. of Kids / No. of Baby Mamas: 6 / 4

As this clip shows, Ray Lewis is all about the kids. From his work with numerous charities to his own Ray Lewis 52 Foundation, it should come as no surprise that homie would try and sprout some little ones of his own. Maybe six kids from four different women isn't what he had planned. So, no one should hate on him for busting out one of these when he receives word that there isn't another baby on the way.

Bennie Blades

Charles Rogers

Derrick Thomas

Kenny Anderson

Shawn Kemp

Mike Tyson

Vladimir Guerrero

Muhammad Ali

Willie Anderson

Willis McGahee

Jason Caffey

Evander Holyfield

Travis Henry

No. of kids / No. of baby mamas: 11 / 10

With one kid being born while he was in high school, two in college, six during his NFL career, and two after retirement, Travis Henry just got more potent with age (ayo!). At 32, his career now over, Henry claims he's broke, a major part of which is due his annual child support expenses of over $170,000 per year. Despite his financial troubles, Henry had this to say about his promiscuous lifestyle: "Knock on wood, or something, I'm blessed not to have AIDS. That never crossed my mind." Glass half-full perspectives FTW!

Antonio Cromartie

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No. of kids / No. of baby mamas: 12 / 9

Back in 2012, the Jets were no doubt the NFL's most entertaining team. There were classic moments like Bart Scott's epic "Can't wait!" postgame interview and head coach Rex Ryan's foot fetish being exposed. But no moments were as ridiculous as this short clip from HBO's Hard Knocks where Antonio Cromartie is struggling to list all of his kids. Real talk though, there's nothing funny about having to do arithmetic (we peeped you counting fingers) just to keep track of how many kids you have. Oh yeah, the baby mama drama is a beast, too.


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