Trying to keep up with Brandon Jennings' love life is turning into a full-time job.

At the moment, the Pistons point guard is preparing to have his first child with Tae Heckard—and his third child overall. He's also apparently going through a breakup with Heckard, as evidenced by this tweet that he sent out over the weekend indicating that he's single:

And additionally, it seems he's already got his eye on someone else (which shouldn't be all that surprising, considering what he told TMZ Sports recently). That someone? Eddie Murphy's daughter Bria Murphy. He's been "lusting" over her on Twitter recently:

We can't say this for sure, but it seems Jennings may have caught a glimpse of Bria in Wale's new "Matrimony" video and liked what he saw:

All of that being said, doesn't it seem like Jennings' love life is turning into a soap opera? Like, doesn't he just want to step away and take a minute to breathe? Or does he enjoy the obvious complications that are arising? Whatever the case, we can't wait for this guy to start making headlines for basketball reasons again.

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[via Black Sports Online]