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After the San Francisco 49ers took Oregon defensive lineman Arik Armstead with their first round pick last night, Clippers forward Matt Barnes Instagramed a post to show support for Armstead. Barnes has known Armstead since he was 13-years-old, having trained with Armstead's father extensively. Last fall, Armstead spoke to Oregon Live about the impact Barnes has had on his athletic career:

"(Barnes) and I were in the gym one day and just getting some shots up and he felt like I wasn't working hard enough," Arik said. "He went off on me when I was 13 years old like, 'You know you're not working hard enough.' You learn from those examples, with guys who played in the NBA. He saw something in me to tell me that I could do better."

In Barnes' Instagram for Armstead, despite the loving connection, the post wasn't all well-wishes. He took a shot at Armstead's new quarterback Colin Kaepernick, calling him ​a "hoe" in his caption:

Congrats to my young boy #ErikArmstead proud of you fam. Ur QB a hoe tho!! #SacTownStandUp

A photo posted by matt_barnes9 (@matt_barnes9) on May 1, 2015 at 1:49am PDT

And according to TMZ Sports, Barnes really doesn't fuck with Kaepernick. 

Multiple sources close to Matt tell us the beef with Kaepernick goes back several years -- and stems from a situation where Matt felt "disrespected" by Colin. 

As one source extremely close to Barnes puts it -- "Matt hates his guts."

Hopefully Barnes, who's been on Twitter foot patrol ripping on others all day (all day), will explain his disdain for Kaep sometime soon. Could it be because Kaepernick allegedly slept with Barnes' ex-wife, Gloria Govan? We'll see. "Story Time With Matt Barnes" has become a Complex Sports favorite. 

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