Did the Redskins really just subtweet the Eagles? It sure looks like it. About an hour ago, the Eagles sent this message out on Twitter welcoming Tim Tebow to Philadelphia:

Whoever heads up Washington's social media team—or, more likely, some poor intern who was just trying to get ahead before the end of the spring semester—then sent out this tweet:

And while no explanation was offered up for it, it definitely appeared as though the tweet was aimed at the Eagles.

There's just one problem with it: The Redskins aren't the Patriots, Seahawks, or [enter the name of another good NFL team here]. They're the Redskins, a team that's been stuck in the NFC East's basement for the last two seasons. So they're the last team that should be subtweeting, well, anyone.

As a result of this, their joke about the Eagles didn't result in laughter. It resulted in ridicule and a bunch of jokes aimed right back at the Redskins. Just scroll down to see what we mean. After this debacle, Washington should probably be banned from subtweeting other NFL teams, effective immediately.

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