Blackface is not OK. Blackface is not OK. Blackface is not OK. Blackface is not OK. Blackface is not OK. Blackface is not…

No matter how many times we say it, people still don't seem to understand that blackface is not—you guessed it!—OK. The latest example of this? A Fox Sports reporter named Briony Ingerson from Australia, who posted a photo of herself in blackface on Instagram a few months back to "celebrate" one of her friends making an appearance on the reality show, I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Amazingly, her photo went virtually undetected until this past weekend when one of her former interns called her out for it on Twitter:

But once he did, Ingerson took the photo down immediately and issued an apology through the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I'm deeply upset that my Instagram post offended people in the community," she said. "That was not my intent; it was a very poor error in judgment and I now understand how inappropriate it was. The post has been removed and I offer my sincere apologies to those that were hurt by it."

At this point, we don't even know what to say anymore. How do people still not know that blackface is NOT OK?

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