With Halloween comes the arrival of some truly inappropriate costumes. And one of the most offensive "costumes" continues to be people who think they can be in blackface and it's okay. Right, Julianne Hough? But, the Utah Jazz Twitter account did one better. They retweeted another person's picture of a guy in blackface as Karl Malone on the micro-blogging social media site with the caption, "Can anyone top this Jazz Halloween costume?" Whoops! 

Wait, are you referring to the offensive nature of the costume? Obviously, it didn't take long for the Jazz to pull the tweet and post the following message, "We apologize for the last retweet/tweet moments ago, we have taken it down as it may be insensitive." Our favorite part of that apology: "it may be insensitive." "May be"? How about, it is insensitive. We were waiting for an apology on top of another apology but it never happened. 

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[via For The Win]