Kendrick LamarNew England Patriots' global ambassador? It may sound crazy, but Pats defensive end Chandler Jones seems determined to talk to owner Robert Kraft and see if he can get K. Dot hired for the same position that Drake holds with the Toronto Raptors, especially after seeing Kendrick wear a throwback Patriots jacket in the "King Kunta" music video.

"It would be really cool. I'm a huge fan of his and a lot of people on my team are too," Jones said, according to TMZ. "I've seen [Kraft] in a lot of photos with iconic rappers like Rick Ross and artists like Usher. I would say he’s a very hip hop owner ... so I‘m just saying he wouldn’t mind some Kendrick."

Considering Kendrick's allegiance to L.A., it may be very difficult for the rapper to side with an NFL team like the Patriots, but it could be an interesting partnership. We're not going to rule anything out just yet.

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[via Black Sports Online]