Whenever I watch hockey or baseball games, I'm always afraid for the athletes on the bench. Back in my youth sports days, yeah I was on the bench a lot, but at least I had protection from the field of play during baseball or hockey games. In MLB or NHL though, the baseball players chill on the top step of the dugout, and the hockey guys don't have a sheet of glass between themselves and the high-speed action on the ice. There's nothing stopping any of these bros from getting nailed with a bat, stick, ball, or puck. NBC Sports hockey broadcaster Brian Engblom was a victim of my violent sporting equipment nightmare in last night's San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins game. 

Set up right between the two benches to do the color commentary for the game, Engblom was just as at-risk as the players and coaches were. Late in the second period, Sidney Crosby re-directed a Brenden Dillon​ outlet pass right into Engblom's noggin. He had to leave the game to get patched up, but he returned in the third period. What a trooper! I would've been crying and concussed and definitely would've taken a few days off work to recover, but Dillon's a retired hockey player, and I'm a frail Complex writer. 

He and Crosby had a laugh about knock after the game:

A few inches higher, and Engblom would've been rocking a sick Harry Potter-esque scar. 

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