The best rivalry going in the NBA right now has to be between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers, because they truly despise each other. If it's not Blake Griffin and former Warriors coach Mark Jackson getting in to it during a game, it's David Lee telling Griffin to stop flopping. 

So when the two teams met this afternoon for a nationally televised matchup, NBA fans everywhere were rubbing their hands like Birdman just waiting for the drama to start popping. And pop it did.

After the Warriors dusted off the Clips 106-98, ABC's Lisa Salters tapped Draymond Green, who dropped 23 points and six assists, for the postgame interview. As Salters finished up her first question, the Clippers Dahntay Jones, who was walking by on his way to the locker room, bumped in to Green and kept walking. Green did a double take, and looked about ready to punch Jones straight in the babymaker.

In the locker room after the game, he let his words do the punching for him. You can watch his full chat with the media above, but here are some highlights of the slander:

"I think he wanted a reaction from me, but he don't play. Me getting suspended and him getting suspended, it's different."


"I can't afford to feed into that, where I get into it with him after the know, get fined, get suspended and you know hurt my team when, if he gets suspended, they may not even notice."

or how about

"He got some camera time, which he needed because there wasn't much celebration from their bench today so you didn't see him much."

Game, set and match.

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