If you're a Sacramento Kings fan who yearns for the glory days of getting deep enough into the postseason to have the league conspire against you in the conference championship (allegedly) then you may be excited to hear that coaching legend George Karl is expected to helm the team's sideline immediately after the All-Star break.

This news (reported first by ESPN) comes just days after we learned the Kings brass was in "intense discussions" to acquire the 63-year-old Karl. Now those no longer appear to be merely "discussions":

Though it's still technically "unofficial" (which we assume is because current coach Tyrone Corbin still has two more games to go before the ASB):

Karl will be taking over for the aforementioned interim coach Corbin who is 7-19, which is probably why he's going to soon be the aforementioned former interim coach Corbin. Those positions weren't really made to last anyway. The reason Corbin was in the position to begin with, is because the Kings fired Mike Malone just 24 games into the season, after a disappointing 11-13 start. Malone will still be on the payroll all of next season. Now it's Karl's turn to see what he can do with the third worst team in the West. Obviously it's too late to do anything this year (barring a 30+ game win streak), but it never hurts to get a jump on the next campaign in the NBA's alpha conference.

[via ESPN]

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