We feel like you already know the story by now, Beck wins the Grammy for Best Album, Kanye West goes onstage in what many believe to be a parody of himself, comments afterward make it clear that it wasn't a parody, people on the internet have opinions about it.

There's your cliff-noted controversy.

Well now it's two days later, and people still have opinions about it. Earlier tonight, Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner gave his two cents, it mirrored a lot of people's two cents, except that it was re-tweeted a lot more. That might have something to do with the fact that the dude has won two Super Bowls in a row.

On the subject, Browner said:

Before thankfully clarifying:

Also credit for fitting "Through the Wire" in there in a way that made sense. Even if it was spelled wrong.

[via Twitter]

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