Justin Bartha's career defining role is that of Doug, the dude who gets lost on a roof for the majority of "The Hangover." He will now also be known as that dude who gave a super awkward, Bradley Cooper themed interview to Jill Martin of the MSG Network.

Bartha was sitting courtside Sunday afternoon for the Cleveland Cavaliers-New York Knicks matchup, and was picked to be the subject of Martin's "A New York Minute" segment. This would prove to be a poor decision.

First, Bartha, who most likely has a few Stellas floating around in the belly, drapes him arm over Martin's shoulder, causing her to give that familiar "Oh" response that dudes that get turned down by girls at their local Applebees are accustomed to hearing. When Martin asks Bartha for his choice for Best Picture at tonight's Oscars, Bartha goes on a rant about how Martin won't stop texting Bradley Cooper. Like, he talks Cooper for a straight minute.

The uncomfortable interview finally ends with Bartha announcing that there will be no "Hangover 4", so at least some good came out of this whole debacle. Like Champ Kind and Ron Burgundy, Bartha clearly has some unresolved feelings for his Hangover co-star. 

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