Today is Michael Jordan's 52nd birthday, giving the NBA Hall of Famer just over a half-century in the history books. By now, you've heard everything about MJ's prodigious rise to the top of the league throughout the '80s and the '90s. You know that he won six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls. You know that he won as many Finals MVPs. You know that he's a 14-time All-Star and a 10-time scoring champion. The guy is as good as advertised, and if there's one thing you know about Jordan, it's that there has been a lot of advertising. 

However, there's one underrated aspect of Jordan's inspirational ascent in the NBA record books: the dude was a notorious asshole. 

Yes, Jordan is one of the winningest players in NBA history. Yes, winning in professional sports requires a sort of insane and irrepressible gene. But Jordan took it to a whole new level. Remember when he psychologically broke Kwame Brown? Remember when he punched Will Perdue? Remember when he would regularly call out his teammates while speaking with the media? We do.

So, while there are a ton of things about Michael Jordan that should inspire you to aspire for greatness, let's not forget about the moments—told to us by those who have interacted with Jordan over the years—when his competitiveness soared to a slightly uncomfortable level. To properly capture all those times, we've immortalized the 10 least inspiring Michael Jordan quotes we've ever come across on the Internet in a series of posters that will make you feel completely worthless.