What started out as a lovely evening for a young man taking in the Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Wild Card matchup against the Baltimore Ravens ended in TERROR.

@RLBRLN, who goes by Jake Berlin on Twitter and whose avi features himself taking a Starbucks cup to the face, decided that in the midst of the Steelers dismal performance he'd spice things up a bit.

Screw it, #Steelers are losing anyway. 400 RTs and I'll run onto Heinz Field pic.twitter.com/tUMSUWmgft

— JAKE BERLIN (@RLBRLN) January 4, 2015

Though he has just 651 followers at the time of this writing, Berlin asks for 400 retweets with the promise to rush Heinz Field if his request was met. Well, as Twitter is wont to do, he received over 4,000 of said retweets, and it was on like Donkey Kong. But there was a wrench in the plan. Shortly after his initial boast, a darker tweet appeared. "...I am so f***ed," it read.

...I am so fucked

— JAKE BERLIN (@RLBRLN) January 4, 2015

What could have happened? Was our newly minted Twitter star OK? Had he rushed the field and been broken in half by James Harrison? How would he ever consume a chai latte in one sip ever again? The questions were building, yet there were no answers.


— JAKE BERLIN (@RLBRLN) January 4, 2015

Finally, Berlin tweeted a selfie from the confines of a terrifying security cart. The Steelers had caught wind of his plan and stadium security swooped down in the night to whisk young Berlin away. "OH MY GOD," we screamed right along with him. This is why Twitter was invented, folks. For adventures like this. 

Berlin may be banned from Heinz Field for a while, but this should do wonders for his entertainment company


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