Last night, the Lakers held their 11th annual All-Access event at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. As part of it, Nick Young, Jeremy Lin, and Wayne Ellington took part in a panel. And they were, in a word, hilarious together. Specifically, Swaggy P and J-Lin (should that be the name of their inevitable reality TV show?!) kept the conversation lighthearted by taking a series of good-natured shots at one another.

For example, Lin brought up the car that Iggy Azalea bought Young for Christmas:

Lin talked some trash about Young's college:

Lin explained the meaning of "single" to Young:

Young acted surprised after Lin talked about where he was born:

And Young said that Kobe Bryant has "no filter" and "just talks and talks and talks," which reminded Lin of someone:

Young and Ellington had a few funny back-and-forths as well. For instance, Ellington mentioned that he's engaged right now, which led to this exchange between the two:

But as you'd expect, Young ultimately stole the show. In addition to bantering with Lin and Ellington, he revealed the origin of his nickname:

He also explained how Iggy called him "soft like tissue" after Kobe called him and his Lakers teammates "soft like Charmin" during a practice last month:

And the night wouldn't have been complete without Lakers head coach Byron Scott doing his best Swaggy P impression:

It looks like it was a great time.

Now seriously, when is somebody going to start filming the Nick Young/Jeremy Lin reality TV show? Maybe something similar to what Swaggy P and JaVale McGee put together for YouTube a few years back? We need that in our lives ASAP.

[via ESPN]

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