Even though the Lakers are coming off a win against the Kings on Tuesday night, it sounds like their practice got very heated earlier today. According to Los Angeles Times reporter Mike Bresnahan, Nick Young and Kobe Bryant got into it at one point, with Young yelling in Kobe's direction after knocking down a shot:

Video of their brief encounter on the court emerged later:

And that must have gotten Kobe fired up. Because a short time after Swaggy P and Kobe exchanged words, Kobe started yelling at the Lakers' second team about how they were playing:

Then, he yelled at Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak as he walked off the floor at the end of practice:

Video of that exchange—which is NSFW—has also emerged:

It was very clear that Kobe was not happy with his teammates:

Fortunately for them, it sounds like Kobe is already over it:

And when asked about what Young said to him during practice, Kobe admitted that it gave him a little extra motivation:

But he also took another lighthearted shot at Young:

And Young himself admitted that all the tension was probably good for the team:

The Lakers are scheduled to take on the Spurs tonight. Let's see if today's, er, "spirited" practice ends up helping them get their second win in a row.


Charmin chimed in with a tweet about what Kobe said during practice today:

[via @Mike_Bresnahan]

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