Earlier today we told you that Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon penned an open letter to Charles Barkley, Cris Carter and Stephen A. Smith regarding his repeated drug and alcohol issues. Now, here's the response, courtesy of Stephen A. who read the letter roughly a minute before going on the air of ESPN Cleveland. In it Stephen A. calls Josh Gordon "pathetic" and says he doesn't appear to be somebody who can "shine LeBron's shoelaces." He also says it's just a preview of what he'll have to say tomorrow morning on First Take (after sleeping on it), he then expounds upon that point for quite a while.

The entire interview is linked to below, for those of you who haven't gotten their fill of Steven A. this week. It's a little more than 16 minutes long. It's interesting. Kind of. If you're strapped for time, skip forward to about 4:45 in.

That's when the man gets passionate.

[via ESPN Cleveland Radio]

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