Unfortunately, we can't really tell you much about what's going on here. This video hit YouTube late yesterday and was labeled "Crazy Fight over the Packers and Seahawks game," but outside of that, there isn't much available with regards to what's going on in the clip.

What we do know, though, is that most of the people featured in this video appear to be intoxicated. One guy has a Packers jersey attached to his belt, which leads us to believe that this fight started over the outcome of the NFC Championship Game. And at the 33-second mark, a girl who is involved in the melee falls and hits her head on the curb, and the fight comes thisclose to taking a really tragic turn for the worst.

If you like watching intoxicated NFL fans make fools of themselves, then this clip is for you. If not, well, we'd advise you to go look elsewhere. Because this entire video is one big drunken mess.

[via SportsGrid]

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