Hey, Adam Silver: Leave the Knicks alone.

That's the message that Knicks team president Phil Jackson just delivered, a few days after Silver joked about the Knicks and their new triangle offense. Following a Knicks' loss to the Pistons last week, Silver said it appeared as though New York is "still learning" the offense. And Jackson—who downplayed the complexity of the triangle last month while simultaneously throwing a shot at Spike Lee—didn't appreciate what he had to say.

"I wasn't so humored by the commissioner actually jumping in on top of that, too," Jackson said yesterday. "He doesn't need to get in on that. There's enough focus on [the] triangle. It's not anything. It's a system. It's simple basketball. Just play the game. We're over the triangle; let's get to business and play the right way."

It's worth noting that Jackson was not asked about Silver's comments after the Knicks lost to the Hawks last night. He offered his response to them up freely. So it's pretty clear that what Silver said really bothered him.

Do you think that he should have gone out of his way to son the Commish? Silver just said what everyone else is thinking, didn't he?

[via ESPN]