Look, even if you're a Lakers fan (or, really, especially if you're a Lakers fan), you should have some idea about who Klay Thompson is. The long-range specialist and all-around scoring threat didn't recently sign a four-year extension with the Golden State Warriors for nothing. 

However, Alina Fa'aola, a Los Angeles supporter who came across Thompson in an Oakland, CA Chipotle yesterday, clearly didn't know any better. While her friends were getting pictures with Thompson, Fa'aola, who was recording the entire interaction on her phone, could be heard asking Thompson to tell her his name. 

His response? Perfect.

"Stephen Curry," Thompson replied. 

LOL. At least Thompson had a sense of humor about the slight. Seriously, if you're going to wave a camera in someone's face, shouldn't you at least know who they are? 

[via For The Win]