This past Sunday night, the country got treated to an absolute blowout when the Packers utterly disgraced their rival-turned-rival-in-name-only, the Chicago Bears. In that blowout, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers put up half a dozen touchdown passes in the first half which gave Green Bay a 42-0 lead. Because of this, Rodgers did not play long into the second half and later experienced soreness in his lower back. Rodgers told ESPN:

My low back was actually hurting…I think I attributed that to standing around the entire time as the second half went on, not [from] anything that happened on the field…The guys took really good care of me on the field. I barely got touched all game, but my back actually got a little tight on the sideline…I forgot what a strain that can be to stand there and watch.

Though it's sometimes tough to tell in print, we wouldn't take this as Rodgers being disrespectful in any way towards his incredibly lackluster opponents because he further stated in the interview that every opponent should be "respected." That being said it is an absurd (and unforeseen) consequence that resulted from the Bears' absolutely abyssmal performance on the national stage this past weekend.

[via ESPN]