Today, we celebrate the birthday of the man who created the game of basketball: Dr. James Naismith. If it weren't for Naismith creating a sport which borrowed from previous examples, such as soccer, where passing the ball was one of the sole constants and the only way to score was by making it into a goal, what would your life look like? Would Magic Johnson be a household name or just some guy from Michigan? When someone uttered the name Michael Jordan, would it be followed by a stern "Who?" or would he still be famous for gambling or his cigar expertise? It's practically insane to think about a life without basketball, but if it weren't for Naismith, it's possible that that nightmare would be a reality. 

Whenever you tune into an NBA game, you are sure to be amazed at what can be done out there at least once. It's a fantastic sports, but that's not to say the game is perfect. This is America; there's always room for improvement. What if we made a couple changes here and there, such as adding a four-point line or a penalty box? Ridiculous? Maybe. But so was Naismith's idea to have players fight over balls that go out of bounds balls like NFL players fight for fumbles. Change can be a good thing. Here are the 10 Changes We Would Make to the Game of Basketball