Yesterday, the Carolina Panthers were taken down in their Sunday Night Football match-up against the Pittsburgh Steelers, falling to 2-1 on the season but maintaining their first place position in the NFC South. However, the result of last night's game isn't the reason that everyone is talking about Panthers QB Cam Newton today. 

During Carolina's post-game press conference, Newton came to the podium dressed in an outfit that was immediately deemed suspect by media and fans alike. Donned in capris, loafers, and a periwinkle blazer, Newton was essentially doing his best Dwyane Wade impression while taking questions from the press. And, as you'll see from the tweets we've collected, sports fans were not here for Newton's misguided sartorial sense. 

Ranging from hilarious to vaguely misogynistic or homophobic, Twitter had a lot to say on Newton's outfit. Next week, he may want to leave the capris folded in the drawer.