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As they say, there's a time and a place for everything. And with everything going on in the NFL involving their players and domestic violence, it's probably definitely not the time to play any music before, during or after a game which could be deemed as offensive to the fans in attendance. Unfortunately, the Tennessee Titans didn't get the memo because, according to ESPN, whomever was in charge of the soundtrack at LP Field played "Fight Night" by Migos, "35 minutes before kickoff." 

While the offensive lyrics were blocked out, it's suggestive themes and lyrics like "Hit it with the left, hit it with the right, I'm a knock the p---- out like fight night. Beat it with the left, beat it with the right, I'm a knock the p---- out like fight night," there is reason for some fans to have an issue.

Don MacLachlan, Titans executive vice president of administration and facilities, has responded to the criticisms, saying, "We review everything we play on game days and play radio versions, but clearly with the subject matter included, the song should have been flagged and eliminated from the playlist." 

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