Here’s something people tend to forget about American professional sports: In order to be drafted and proceed to make a team’s roster, you presumably have to be the best of the best. So, no one “sucks” per se—only comparatively. With that in mind, being proclaimed not just the best in the game, but straight-up unguardable by the elite, is no light bit of praise. Those types of players are very few and far between at the wide-receiver position, but a cursory football fan knows that they do exist.

Standing at over six feet tall with suspiciously sticky hands, these athletes defy the small and quick/big and strong stereotypes and encompass nearly every attribute you’d hope for in an athlete. They’re works of the devil for opposing defenders, but they account for some of football’s most exciting moments. You’ll never know whether it’s strictly natural talent or a commitment to squats that make the following 10 players so good. One can only look on and be amazed. Don’t sweat; here are The NFL’s Hardest Receivers to Cover.