As of Tuesday, LeBron James had the most famous receding hairline in all of sports. But during an appearance at Nike's World Headquarters on Tuesday night, the Cavaliers superstar showed off a brand-new head of hair thanks to…well, we're not exactly sure where it came from. But LeBron's receding hairline mysteriously disappeared between June and September. See for yourself:

And now, Stephen A. Smith wants LeBron to tell him how he regained his hairline.

During an engaging segment on ESPN's First Take this morning (no, really…), SAS called LeBron out for not calling him up and telling him the secret behind his sudden hair regrowth. It seems SAS wouldn't mind doing whatever LeBron did to move his hairline back down to where it should be—and he plans on calling LeBron up to try and get LeBron to tell him what he did.

The First Take producers wondered what SAS might look like with more hair by putting this graphic up on the screen while he talked:

But SAS made it clear that he doesn't want to look like that. He just wants a little more hair on the top of his head. And apparently, so does Deion Sanders, who also chimed in on the discussion:

Watch the video above to hear SAS discuss LeBron's new look.

[via YouTube]