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When it comes to sports in America there is no doubt, the NFL tops the mountain that makes all other leagues envious. Still, there's a whole world outside America (allegedly) and we're not entirely oblivious to what happens outside those borders. The NFL means nothing anywhere else and if NFL Europe was any indication it's going to stay that way for a very long time.

Conversely, soccer only continues to grow within the States. No matter what you thought of the World Cup, America as a whole embraced it. To see it's reception as a failure is to look at the mega-event with soccer-hating goggles. Thousands of people skipping work to pack viewing parties became the norm. It was a definite trend towards building the "world's game" in the one country that has seemingly rejected it (so far). While no doubt a number of fans decked out in American flags were fair weather in nature (desperately seeking an identity), we also have no doubt that soccer is gaining a foothold in this country that was virtually non-existent as little as a decade ago.

Because of that, we decided to take a look at America's crown jewel as pitted against the top soccer league in the world (England's Premier League), to see who reigns supreme. In a few years it might me less of a hypothetical rivalry than many pigskin fans would want to admit. So is it the U.S.? Or the World!? probably already have your mind made up.

But please, continue reading anyway.

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