DeMarcus Cousins came thisclose to starting a gigantic brawl during Team USA's FIBA World Cup game against Lithuania today.

In the second quarter of the contest, Lithuania's Jonas Valanciunas was boxing Cousins out when he threw one of his elbows into Cousins' throat. The Kings center didn't appreciate that very much and he responded by stepping to the Raptors center immediately. And he cocked back his right fist as if he was going to throw a punch at the back of Valanciunas' head before thinking twice about it and restraining himself. It almost turned into a really crazy scene. And had Cousins actually taken a swing at Valanciunas, it most certainly would have put a huge blemish on Team USA's entire performance at the World Cup.

Watch the Vine above to see Cousins come close to taking a swing. The GIF below shows how Valanciunas flinched when he saw Cousins coming:

This clearly could have ended badly.

[via The Big Lead]