Metta World Peace is suddenly in very high demand.

Unfortunately, none of that demand is coming from NBA teams. But yesterday, about a month after MWP reached a deal to play for the Sichuan Blue Whales in China, Manny Pacquiao came out and said that he'd love to have World Peace (or is it "The Pandas Friend"?) come and play for the team that he coaches and plays for in the Philippines. During an interview with The Philippine Star, the boxer called World Peace his "friend" and said that his team needs "a good import." So he's interested in having MWP play in the Philippines sometime in the near future.

As we mentioned, World Peace is already signed to a team in China right now. So it's unlikely that he'd switch gears at this point and make a move to the Philippines. But it is worth noting that he's retweeted a few links to the story about Pacquiao wanting him for his team on Twitter. So it doesn't appear he's ruled it out entirely. Stay tuned.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]