A warning to all of the criminals out there: If you're going to rob a gas station, make sure you don't rob a gas station that just so happens to employ an MMA fighter.

That's what three guys, er, complete idiots did in Houston, Texas earlier this month when they decided to rob a Fuel Depot gas station. They thought they had a foolproof plan in place. It involved them jumping out of an SUV and robbing a store employee after he got back from running to the bank. But unbeknownst to them, semi-pro MMA fighter Mayura Dissanyake​ was working inside of the store at the time. And when he saw his co-worker on the ground getting assaulted by the men, he sprung into action and kicked all of their asses. He actually beat one of the guys up so badly that his two friends had to leave the scene without him.

In the clip above, you can see Dissanyake doing his thing to help thwart the would-be robbers. UFC president Dana White was so impressed that he told TMZ Sports, "I love it," after watching the video.

"Although I don't recommend crime fighting," White said, "Dirtbags should beware."

You can say that again. Dissanyake really did a number on those guys.

[via TMZ Sports]