Back in January, U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody rejected a $769 million concussion settlement involving the National Football League because she felt as though the dollar amount wasn't enough to cover the league's 20,000 retired players. Since then, we haven't heard much from this ongoing problem until today when it was revealed that Dan Marino, 41 other Hall of Famers and 5,000 players in total have filed a lawsuit last week against the NFL, claiming the league "concealed information about football-related brain injuries and misled players," which is a similar complaint allegedly "made in more than 300 related lawsuits."

Even though Marino hasn't shown any symptoms related to concussions, each plaintiff in the 18-page document submitted a short-form complaint, saying, "On information and belief, the Plaintiff … sustained repetitive, traumatic sub-concussive and/or concussive head impacts during NFL games and/or practices.”  

The players involved are seeking "medical monitoring and unspecified financial recovery." Obviously, speaking for the financial side, it's definitely going to have to be more than $769 million. 

[via LA Times]