While you're probably caught up in the World Cup hype, two teams are about to play for half a million dollars over in Boston. It's the final game of a tournament anybody could've entered.

The Basketball Tournament—because this isn't just Any Basketball Tournament—has just two requirements: Its players must be 18 years old and be legal US citizens. 

That said, it would probably help a lot to have some experience in basketball. After 32 teams qualified, the remaining two—Team Barstool and Team Notre Dame—compose of the likes of former UConn star Josh BooneDuke's Dahntay Jones, and a bunch of Notre Dame's best players over the years.

Team Barstool and Team Notre Dame are facing off at 7 PM at Boston University. If you're trying to see who you gotta connect with to get a small piece of that bank, the game will be shown on ESPN3.

[via Boston.com]