And you thought a shovel was rough

It's been about a year since the #smackcam was horribly making its rounds on Vine, and since then, people have unfortunately started to get a little more creative with how they're attacking each other. Fresh off the shovel attack, another Vine has popped up that shows a kid wacking another kid with the platform part of what looks like a Razor Scooter. Yeah, the same scooter everybody had when they were 12 years old. 

You hear the kid holding the scooter saying repeatedly, "you think I'm playin' ... you think I'm playin'," then "boom n*gga," when he actually goes through with the hit. 

And this comes a day after another vicious scooter attack (it was used as a projectile in this one) was seen in this WorldStar video: 

The sad and scary part is that this stuff isn't by any means new. It's just being seen much more frequently thanks to social media and video phones. 

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[via Vine]