There are a number of animals that could probably cause traffic jams. For instance, if a deer ran out in the middle of a street and got hit by a car, that would cause traffic to come to a halt. If a group of bears huddled next to a highway, that would cause people to slow down and back up traffic. But a mouse? There's no way that a tiny, indiscreet mouse could cause traffic, right? Er, wrong.

On Tuesday morning, two women were driving in a BMW along I-5 in SeaTac, Wash. when a mouse came out of nowhere and ran across both of their laps. And understandably, they were more than a little bit freaked out when it happened. In fact, they were so scared when the mouse appeared that the driver of the car pulled over, got out, and refused to get back into the car. A few minutes later, a police officer pulled up behind them and asked them to move—but they were steadfast about not getting back into the Beamer despite the fact that traffic was forming behind them.

"When I walked up and said 'What's going on?' the gal said, 'That's my car and we were driving down the freeway and a mouse ran across both of our laps. So we pulled over and we're not getting back in that car,'" the police officer said later.

Eventually, another driver pulled up behind them and offered to help. First, he searched the car for the mouse and discovered that it had climbed into the dashboard and wasn't going to come back out. Then, he told the woman that he would drive the car to wherever she was going so that the cop could clear up the traffic that had formed behind her.

"In my 23 years," the cop said, "I've never had anything like that happen to me before."

A mouse causing a traffic jam? Yeah, that's definitely a new one for us, too.

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[via MyNorthwest]