Everything Michael Jordan touches, literally and figuratively, turns into straight cash (with the exception of his restaurant and maybe some of his ill-advised bets). This 2002 Aston Martin Vanquish, which was specially created for the 50th anniversary celebration for the Basketball Hall of Fame, has been signed by a slew of basketball greats. Those greats include:

Michael Jordan, Walt Bellamy, David Robinson, Dave Cowens, George Gervin, Marques Haynes, Bob Wanzer, Bob Houbregs, Jerry Sloan, Sam Jones, Rick Barry, Bob Kurland, Bob Lanier, Moses Malone, Bailey Howell, Calvin Murphy, Nancy Lieberman, Harry Gallatin, Ann Meyers, Charles Barkley, John Stockton, David Thompson, Dolph Schayes, and John Havlicek. Just to name a few. There are 50 total. 

It also has a widebody kit, a hardwood wrap, some sponsor stickers, and some other jazz (no Utah) that nobody really cares about, because Michael Jordan! The craziest part? It's estimated to fetch $1.25 million. Uno. Punto. Dos. Cinco. So, take out 80,000 loans and go buy this chunk of "history." 

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