Did Beyoncé Photoshop Her Legs in These Images of Her Golfing on Vacation?

A lot of people are accusing Beyoncé of photoshopping her legs in two images of her golfing that she put up on Instagram this week.

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Beyoncé can't even play a round of golf without causing some controversy...

Early yesterday, the singer shared a couple images of her golfing during her recent vacation to the Dominican Republic with Jay Z on her Instagram page. And as you can see in the images, she didn't wear a polo shirt and khakis on the golf course like most golfers. Instead, she opted for a retro bikini that showed off her legs. And according to some people who spent a lot of time looking at the photos yesterday, she also photoshopped her legs before posting the shots, slimming down her thighs in the shot above before giving herself a generous "thigh gap" in the shot below:

There's been a ton of outrage over this, too, as people have been commenting on Beyoncé's Instagram page for the last 24 hours and referencing the apparent botched photoshop job. The comments sections for both photos look like this right now:

So did Beyoncé actually photoshop her legs in the photos? It sure looks like it to us. But no official comment has been released. We'll be sure to let you know if and when Beyoncé decides to address it.

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