Team(s): Kansas City A's (now Oakland)
Years of ownership: 1960-1980
Craziest incident: Giving A's glass rings for second World Series because not enough players thanked him.

Charlie Finley certainly put his stamp on the Athletics' franchise, moving them from Kansas City to Oakland and overseeing three World Series titles in the 1970s. He was also the man behind a bunch of weird promos such as having a mechanical rabbit hand umpires new baseballs and trying to use orange baseballs during games. He also, at various points, employed the future Mrs. Fields and MC Hammer in various roles. Some of his players held a permanent grudge, though, when Finley gave them championship rings adorned only with green glass; he did it, apparently, because he only received three thank-you notes for  their first World Series rings, and was put off by the players' ingratitude.