Oh, the things we thought were cool in high school: sagging our pants, revving the engines up of our $2,000 cars, taking mirror selfies. Hindsight makes us realize how stupid (and not cool) we really were. For the Australian teen who jumped out of a moving train this week, it didn't even take years of self-exploration in college to figure out how dumb he was. 

The 17-year-old jumped off a train as it was arriving at a platform. Because his friends are also teenagers, they got the whole thing on video to post on Facebook. Police later saw the video that garnered 20,000 likes, as well as the one captured by a camera at the station, and now they're investigating the incident.

Health-wise, the kid's doing fine. He was lucky to escape with a few cuts and bruises. "I thought it was cool at that time," the teen said, "but now it's stupid and ridiculous. It's getting out of hand, yeah."

There you go. He's learned his lesson. Now he'll probably never do something stupid and ridiculous again. At least this week. 

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[via Jalopnik