Local car commercials are almost always terrible. There's something about being really rich, and seeing your own name on advertisements on a regular basis that seems to make people think that their juvenile antics are beyond hilarious. 

This, however, has taken that concept and turned it up all the way past 11 and up to 12. It's a pseudo-rap video featuring a middle-aged white dude with thinning hair wearing oversized, pleated brown trousers and a tie that, while never stylish, might have been passable in 1998. Then he tries to twerk, but it ends up looking more like he's riding a vibrating horse.

It's genuinely horrifying, and if you live in Edmonton, Alberta and you have the inexplicable urge to buy a Mitsubishi, please buy it from West Side or North Side Mitsubishi of Edmonton.

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[via Autoblog