In the world of sports, change often comes about very slowly. For the majority of coaches and players, their No. 1 goal is to keep their jobs and to continue doing what they love, and thus the idea of doing something outside the norm is quite terrifying.

But there are some who dare to dream, and dare to take the old ways and completely flip them on their heads. The idea of change and innovation is as important in sports as it is in the technology or automotive industries, and has made the games we love what they are today.

Where would football be without Knute Rockne’s forward pass? Or what would baseball look like the suicide squeeze or hit and run? How much poorer would or lives be without Don Nelson creating “Hack-a-Shaq?" Things that we take for granted now had to be ushered into the mainstream by somebody, after all.

Since today is the anniversary of the legendary Rockne’s death, we figured we remember him by taking a look at those whose bold changes have profoundly influenced the world’s most popular games. Here’s a look at the People Behind The Most Mind Blowing Innovations in Sports.