Teams: Seattle Seahawks vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Result: 51-48, Seahawks
MVPs: Curt Warner, Dave Krieg, Bill Kenney
Date: 11/27/1983

On a warm November day at the Seattle Kingdome, the Kansas City Chiefs came to town to throwdown with the hosting Seahawks. And, while they ended up coming out on the losing side of the affair, it can't be said that they disappointed anyone. Sure, they gave up a 14-point halftime lead, but the Chiefs were nearly just as explosive as the Seahawks for the entire game. With quarterback Bill Kenney under the helm, KC's passing offense erupted for four touchdowns, as well as two rushing TDs from Kenney himself. However, Seattle would end up taking this one, as Dave Krieg threw for three touchdowns to match running back Curt Warner's contribution. A field goal decided the game in Seattle's favor in OT.