The landing part of flying is almost always the scariest part of being in the air. You know, once you get over the fact that you're in a gigantic tube of metal beaming across the sky at around 600 mph. It all starts with a dip that usually leaves your stomach feeling funny and it is often the shakiest part of the entire trip. Mind you, all that fright is almost always for naught, because pilots are pilots for a reason can land a plane just fine. But what about those one-in-10,000 chances? If you don't like flying, just know that you'll probably never have to be on one of these insane instances of planes landing in super whild locations.


On a public street:

 In the ocean: 

 On a barge: 

In the Hudson River: 

In a desert:  

 On a snowy field: 

 In a different ocean: 

 On a frozen lake: 

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