Apollo Creed didn't die for us for American sports to be struggling as much as it did these past couple of days. It has sucked ever since that puck hit the goal post. The nen's hockey team went on to lose to Canada in the semifinal after LeBron James got his nose broke on Thursday. As if seeing James' blood wasn't traumatic enough, fans of America got to see their hockey team get blown out 5-0 by Finland in the bronze medal match on Saturday. Now, the U.S. is second behind Russia in the medal count.

These past couple of days have been so bad that even doing a proper rendition of the National Anthem has become a struggle. What hope is there to be had if even Madison Rising, who proclaims itself to be "America's most patriotic rock band," can't do it. The band tried to perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" for Nationwide at Daytona today. At its best, it was terrible. God bless America, folks.

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